Q Swami, we have heard that You performed a lot of miracles in Your life, and you are still performing them. The biggest miracle, I feel, is Your love, which is pulling us within our hearts. When our hearts are open and full of love, it is easy to go into this world and serve, and do everything for You, thinking of You. Yet, when things happen in this world, some tests, perhaps from You, then something happens to my heart, the heart closes up, I cannot feel love flowing anymore and it is not easy to connect. Can You keep this heart open and stay there, letting the love flow, so that we always have contact with You, without feelings like, ‘I am closed,’ or ‘I am far away’? Even when we are not pure enough or we are doing wrong things?

A The heart has two doors and a lock. Ego and attachment are the two doors and the mind is the lock. If you open the doors, the heart will always be open, then there will be no need to even lock them.

Analyse for yourself: whenever you felt your heart was closed, either your ego or your attachment came into play. You got too involved or attached in whatever you were doing, even if it was seva, and that closed the heart. Just break the doors and throw away the lock, then there will be no closing or opening; the heart will always be open. That is the truth. That is in your hands. You have to throw these doors open and let them remain open all the time.

In Rama’s time, there were no doors on the houses, because no one was scared of anyone else. Nobody was greedy, nobody stole, nobody harmed anybody else. The same way, just throw open the two doors of ego and attachment, and the heart will always be open. That is what you have to do. It comes by practice.

I never promised that it would be easy; it is going to be difficult. There is no doubt that exams and tests will be there. In school, you will not be promoted unless you have passed the exams. Be prepared for them. Always be ready. However, if someone is very sincere, hardworking and diligent, God will always be there to help. In the end, you have to do your own work. You be ready to do that hard work: get rid of ego and attachment – then your heart will be open, without any restrictions.

Bern, Switzerland, 4 April, 2018



Q Swami, in two days’ time, I will be back in Prasanthi Nilayam, and obviously my coming to Kodaikanal will no longer be a secret. There will be a lot of questions from my colleagues, friends and family, as to what I have experienced here. I seek Your advice in this regard, Swami.

A Tell them fearlessly what you have experienced. If there is a mistake, only then there is fear. There is no mistake, so there is no scope for fear. Share with them what your heart has witnessed. For those who ask sincerely, let them know that there is still a way to experience Swami, and that is through the path of humility and open‐mindedness.

One who is humble and broad‐minded will definitely understand. There is no point in chanting Vedas to buffaloes. They will not understand anything! Explain to those who understand. For the others, silence is the best answer.
19 May, 2014, Kodaikanal, SSS Uvacha 1 Pg. 112‐113


Q Which mantra will help us calm our minds and get closer to God?

A I have never given mantras and will never do so. Seva (service) and Prema (love), are like the two wings of a bird, which can help it fly high. Similarly, these two can help you spiritually by purifying and calming your mind, and take you closer to God.  You must develop both love for the Lord and service‐mindedness. This is the right mantra for the Kali Yuga.
22 June 2014, Singapore, SSS Uvacha 1, Pg. 148 - 149


Q We are attached to the physical form of the Lord. When is Swami coming back in His physical form?

A An arrow once it is shot, cannot come back. Time that passes cannot be reversed. Anyone who leaves the body cannot return in the same physical body. Everyone has four bodies: The first one is the Physical Body, which everyone has. The second one is the Subtle Body, which is nothing but the mind. The third is the Higher Subtle Body, which is subtler than the mind. And the fourth one is the Omnipresent Body, which you will experience only when you merge in the Divine.

Once the Physical Body, which is bound by time, space and circumstances, is lost, it cannot be regained. You can only find Me in your heart, in the subtler form. The heart is the right channel to feel Swami’s presence, even to see and hear Him.
Your mind is like a radio. It has to be tuned to the right station, then you will hear the right song. Your minds are tuned to the world, so you get only worldly things. Tune your mind to Swami and you will be able to hear Him, see Him and feel Him. If your antenna is perfectly oriented, you will definitely get both video as well as audio! (Laughter)

My return physically is not going to happen. I have left for good, only to come back as the next Avatar. You must find Me only within you. Tune your mind and you will get the correct station. If you don’t tune correctly, only noise will come, and no voice. So you have to tune well.
28 August, 2014, London, SSS Uvacha 1 Pg. 256